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Exceptional womanhood consists of discovering the essence God placed in you and finding out how to unpack it in the context He placed you in. This album features nine women from Scripture with unusual journeys. This 4 CD set was released in May 2019
    Your brain can be the landing pad for structures and critters that can impede your spirit from soaring. This album goes from teaching to immediate application with warfare prayers. This 5 CD set was released in November 2019
      This album provides teaching and deliverance prayer regarding the Queen of Heaven, who exacerbates the feeling of abandonment, and about the Antichrist spirit. This 4 CD set was initially released in Austria only, and in SA in February 2020
        Christians are supposed to impact the social values of their world. This album explores some of the foundational skills you will need to succeed at that. This 4 CD set was released in March 2020
          Walking in womanhood means building from your design and that means knowing what your design is. This is a bundle of three albums namely Healing Womanhood, Office of Personhood and Nurturing your Spirit - Basic Seminar.
            We are living in a monumental transition in church history. God’s grace isn’t where it used to be. This album continues the exploration of how to possess our birthrights in this new season.
              These sets give a number of tools for anyone who wants to lead a more functional life and include Strategies for DID - Part I , II and III
                One of the least known causes of low spiritual authority is that you have accidentally come under the antichrist spirit. These two albums provide teaching and deliverance prayer. The albums are: Tough Spots in Inner Healing and High Impact Christians