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If the enemy cannot distort your reality, he will work hard to distort people’s perception of who you are and of your motives. This album is designed to help you get free from that. This 4 CD set was released in November 2017
    This is passionate worship designed for passionate worshippers. Bring your passion to engage with this passionate portrayal of the God of Infinity. This 5 CD set was released in November 2017
      Productive pain from the hand of God is an offense to most Christians. Nonetheless, it is standard fare in the Bible. Come explore God’s heart about our journey.
        If you find it difficult to connect with God intimately, this album will give you both growth strategies and spiritual warfare tools to enrich your journey.
          This is a tool for HR directors to help them screen prospective employees by identifying their father issues in the interview process, in an inoffensive manner.
            Do you have a chronic problem in your inner world? Has personal ministry failed to resolve it? This workshop will teach you better diagnostic skills so you can get to the root of the issue. This is a 5 CD set. This set was released November 2016
              This album explores the dynamics of discovering what your birthright is and then crafting your life to achieve that goal.
                The office of womanhood needs language and definition before we can choose to grow into it with wisdom and grace. This is an introduction to the topic. This 6 CD set was released in April 2019
                  Exceptional womanhood consists of discovering the essence God placed in you and finding out how to unpack it in the context He placed you in. This album features nine women from Scripture with unusual journeys. This 4 CD set was released in May 2019
                    Your mind can only work as well as your brain supports it. These ministry prayers seek to heal damage done to the brain so spirit and soul can thrive. This 4 CD set was released in April 2019
                      Is your brain capable of doing the things your spirit is capable of seeing? This album will give you tools for bringing your brain up to speed, to release your spirit. This 5 CD set was released in July 2019
                        Your brain can be the landing pad for structures and critters that can impede your spirit from soaring. This album goes from teaching to immediate application with warfare prayers. This 5 CD set was released in November 2019
                          What if we blessed our end of life instead of trying to pray it away? These blessings are a rich teaching in the art of dying with grace and dignity. This 6 CD set was released in June 2018
                            Good intentions are a vital foundation for change, but it takes skill to actually transform a life. This album helps you customize a plan that takes into account your unique journey.
                              This album provides teaching and deliverance prayer regarding the Queen of Heaven, who exacerbates the feeling of abandonment, and about the Antichrist spirit. This 4 CD set was initially released in Austria only, and in SA in February 2020
                                The poverty spirit causes us to see ourselves as less than God sees us. This album explores healing from this spirit through the grid of Scotland’s history. This 5 CD set was released in November 2018
                                  Discernment is the ability to perceive things in the spiritual realm that your soul cannot verify. This album explores different kinds of discernment and how they can be used in deliverance. This is a 6 CD set This set was released 17 November 2015
                                    Many of the tools used for deliverance are ineffective in the brain. This is a new set of tools that focuses on the role of the human spirit in partnership with the Holy Spirit.
                                      Here are deliverance tools for different aspects of Nephilim, Leviathan, AHS and some aspects of SRA. These are focused prayer strategies for specific issues. This 4 CD set was released in March 2019
                                        This is the first of our series of products to fight suicide. It is focused on the principle of fulfillment vs. futility. There are warfare prayers and blessings.
                                          Christians are supposed to impact the social values of their world. This album explores some of the foundational skills you will need to succeed at that. This 4 CD set was released in March 2020
                                            Walking in womanhood means building from your design and that means knowing what your design is. This is a bundle of three albums namely Healing Womanhood, Office of Personhood and Nurturing your Spirit - Basic Seminar.
                                              We all experience hard times in our journey through life. Being stuck is a matter of perspective. We need to learn how to grow where we can, when we can’t grow where we want.
                                                Starting with the Seat of Dominion and ending with the coccyx, this album is collection of specialty tools for your spirit, soul and body. This material is extracted from the Healing Tools Podcast series. This 6 CD set was released in September 2018
                                                  Womanhood is an undefined term these days. This album presents an unconventional portrait of some core qualities of womanhood, and some strategies for moving toward that. This 4 CD set was released in July 2018
                                                    Can you hear God as clearly as you should? Are you seeking Him and not hearing? It might be a demonic structure called the Canaanite Iron Bowl. This album has teaching and deliverance prayers. This is a 5 CD set. This set was released in May 2017
                                                      Did you get the spirit of pharmakeia at the hospital? Here are specialty diagnosis and deliverance tools for the unusual situations in your life. This 5 CD set was released in October 2018
                                                        How can you be so ineffective in your walk when you are so passionately committed to the King and His Kingdom? This album explores some hidden keys to living transformationally. This is a 6 CD set. This set was released March 2016
                                                          Have you tried everything? It may not be a wound or a demon. It may be a structure. This 3 CD set was released in March 2018
                                                            Leviathan is generally perceived to be a strong demonic force. There is a negative side to Leviathan, but the reality is that God pronounced Leviathan to be be good on the 5th day of creation. This album builds a more complete picture of Leviathan.
                                                              The marketplace is often unjust. We can earn spiritual authority in our lives so that we can be buffered from much of the injustice in the marketplace.
                                                                The millions who have left the institutional church lack the dignity of an identifying name, but do have a specific task designed by God. This album gives language to the new calling. This is a 6 CD set. This set was released September 2016
                                                                  Complete set - 10 CD's
                                                                  There are certain foundational issues we need to understand about the Trinity. We also need to understand that the enemy wants to keep us from possessing our birthright. God wants to give us the blessings we need to make it possible.
                                                                    Leadership historically has been abusive. Scripture celebrates life giving leadership. This album is an attempt to integrate those principles into contemporary culture, in a transformational way. This is a 5 CD set. This set was released in June 2017
                                                                      The Mercy season is eight years old now. This teaching is an update on that topic, showing what God is doing and what He requires of us at this point. This is a two CD set. (This set is also available as a free download from
                                                                        This is a vibrant discussion of topics ranging from miscarriage to hurricanes to the curses blocking Black people from progressing. It is in Q & A format from a live event. This is a 5 CD set. This set was released in October 2017
                                                                          Prophetic intercessors have changed world history on numerous occasions. Here is a training tool to grow into this extraordinary office. This 4 CD set was released in May 2019
                                                                            Generational memories were transfered to your brain from the left eye of your primary care giver long before you had personal experiences to define your own prejudices and passions. Learn how to sort out what is your value system and what is inherited.
                                                                              These sets give a number of tools for anyone who wants to lead a more functional life and include Strategies for DID - Part I , II and III
                                                                                It is time for a major reset in the practice of inner healing and deliverance. This is the first album in a series that will explore a dramatically new paradigm for clinicians and those on a journey. This 5 CD set was released in February 2018
                                                                                  The album begins with the healer’s most common occupational hazards. Then we look at synthetic spirits and how they block healing and deliverance, and what to do about them. This 5 CD set was released in July 2018
                                                                                    These live demos of a healer dealing with parts (alters), the human spirit and demons demonstrate many useful techniques for the journey through DID. This 5 CD set was released in January 2019
                                                                                      One of the least known causes of low spiritual authority is that you have accidentally come under the antichrist spirit. These two albums provide teaching and deliverance prayer. The albums are: Tough Spots in Inner Healing and High Impact Christians
                                                                                        The flow of life in and out of your spirit can be affected by the condition of the structures in your spirit, in the same way that your breathing is affected by the condition of your lungs. This teaching explores these dynamics.
                                                                                          Have you been burned by intimacy and made some serious inner vows not to let THAT happen again? Or were you raise in an emotionally sterile home and don't know how to be intimate? There are solid tools for both groups in this album.
                                                                                            The Great Commission has not changed even though we are in a post-Christian – and often an anti-Christian – world. We need new tools to execute the old mandate. This is a 6 CD set. This set was released in May 2016
                                                                                              This album is teaching and ministry prayers for the antichrist spirit, insomnia and the black cherubim which block us from intimacy with God. This 5 CD set was released in February 2018
                                                                                                WHAT IS YOUR STORY? How do you feel about it? Do you like it or hate it? Who is writing it and why?
                                                                                                  The feeling of legitimacy is one of man’s most valid needs, and because of that, the devil offers the biggest supply of false legitimacy crutches you can imagine. This is a 7 CD set This set was released 8 February 2016
                                                                                                    Being healed of our father wounds does not make us sons. There are seven different areas of our life that define how well we are walking in sonship. This is a very practical, hands-on tool for assessing your current skill at walking in sonship.