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Viewing history from God's perspective is transformational. This is not about history -- it is about the wisdom of God as seen in world history.
    We are living in a monumental transition in church history. God’s grace isn’t where it used to be. This album continues the exploration of how to possess our birthrights in this new season.
      This teaching explores in depth the seven foundational legitimacy lies, the resulting curses that enter our lives due to wrong behavior, and the seven flavors of God's love that move us towards the blessings God intended for us.
        The Ruler season was marked by learning how to build at unprecedented levels. By contrast, the Mercy season will be marked by people smelling the fragrance of Christ.
          The redemptive gifts are like a diamond with endless facets. This presentation focuses on the manifestation of the King in a governmental, Teacher city.
            The true beauty of the redemptive gifts is only seen in the context of their interaction. And no one can weave them together like the King!
              God has established a core dynamic that we call the redemptive gifts. This album will give you tools for understanding yourself and others, but also seeing the world through God's eyes in a different way.
                How much passion do you have compared to 15 years ago? One of the consequences of being under the various curses, is that the cost of living life drains us of the fire that used to spur us on to excellence. If your fire has been put out listen to this set
                  Keys to fulfillment for the Redemptive Gift of Mercy
                    Your spirit is designed to be able to heal your body. This teaching on fractals will help you coach your spirit to use the redemptive gifts in healing.